Bike The Boundary – NE6

Bike The Boundary – A series of bike rides where I visit the Boundary Stones of the original perimeter of the District of Columbia. 

Where: NE6

When: January 14, 2012

Why: Riding to DC Brau for some beer

Distance: 13.01 miles

NE6 Boundary Stone

(Apologies for the bad quality – cell phone photo)

I rode past this stone located on the 3600 block of Eastern Ave as I was riding to the DC Brau brewery to pick up some tasty beverages (For obvious reasons, and for not-so-obvious reasons – look for a future post).

This stone is located on the corner of Eastern Ave and 34th Street NE and doesn’t seem to be cared too poorly, though it was looking a bit ragged on this day.  It was COLD, so I didn’t spend too much time inspecting it.

4 thoughts on “Bike The Boundary – NE6

    • Eventually I plan on biking to all of them! Same goes for all the monuments shown on the NCPC Map (Link)

      Theoretically I could accomplish both goals in only a few short bike rides… but I am taking my time.

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