Bike DC – Quick Recap

This year the Bike DC event fell on mothers day – we initially thought that would prevent us from riding, but we ended up registering a few days ahead of time.  Got there just as the Family Ride was starting, which meant the first few miles were spent passing and being watchful for young riders swerving across the road.  By the time we got to Rock Creek Park the roads opened up and the pavement was smooth.

Eventually the finish line/first rest stop confusion was meandered through, and we were back into traffic as the family rides and the full riders converged at a chokepoint on the Memorial Bridge. Some more ride marshals were needed, and the ones who were there needed to do some more yelling.  The split was confusing for many, and the lack of signs means the marshals should have been shouting instructions.  At one point a dad and his kid were pulled over on the side, but there was almost no room to moveforward.  I asked him to move out of the line of traffic since its a choke point, even said “thanks” in a non-sarcastic way (honestly I was just trying to help things).  I don’t know if his “oh yeah you’re welcome” was snarky or not.  But if you are out there dad guy – I wasn’t being a jerk.

The rest of the ride was spent riding our brakes (on downhills and uphills) or navigating choke points.  I like the ride, just I think the marshaling and route design could be a little better.  Maybe I should put my money where my mouth is and volunteer next year. (Edit: Found out this isn’t run by WABA, but a for-profit organizing company.  So, no volunteering, just jeering at their not so great job. WABA is a beneficiary of the ride, but I don’t know how much of a cut they get)

After the ride we had some great espresso at Eastern Market from Peregrine, hung out in a park, and now it is off for wedding/mothers day activities.

Some photos, though not many since most of the time I was trying to avoid smashing into little kids.

3 thoughts on “Bike DC – Quick Recap

  1. Congratulations on navigating the many obstacles. I was not so fortunate and was turned around by a ride marshal at the Iwo Jima Memorial. A beautiful day and some beautiful sites, but a feeling of not finishing something was what I was left with.

  2. I wonder what, if anything, could help the ride be better organized? I didn’t participate but read several posts by those who did. Sounds like it was a mixed experience. Great fun but some frustration.

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