2012 Coffeeneuring Rides 4 to 6

Days are flying by faster than necessary, and so is the  2012 Coffeeneuring Challenge.  I have three more entries to post, and that means only 1 more to go (and 2 more weekends – awesome!)

Without further ado, my second three controls:

Control #4: Peregrine Espresso

When: October 21, 2012

Where: 660 Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast

What: Americano

Miles: 6.09 miles

Factoid: Peregrine is the first coffee shop that I explored in DC, before I moved here.  Therefore it has a place in my heart (and stomach).  It helps that there is great coffee.  Kate and I rode here, then tried to get Eastern Market produce (it was closed), then rode to another grocery purveyor to get what we needed for a delicious dinner.  It was a nice early evening ride, I did some reading for class and Kate read about travel adventures.  I was jealous.


Control #5: Red Truck Bakery

When: October 27, 2012

Where: 22 Waterloo Street, Warrenton, VA

What: Drip Coffee, Sunflower Wheat Bread

Miles: 2.06 miles

Factoid: People like Red Truck.  I had never heard of Red Truck! But I got there just at closing, poured myself a coffee, grabbed some bread for later eating and had a nice conversation with the proprietor.  What an enjoyable place.  It took me only 0.3 miles to get there, so I drank my coffee then explored Warrenton downtown (three times) to rack up enough miles.  I will be back to sample more baked products!  It was a sad day, but coffee made it happier.

Red Truck

Control #6: Pound

When: October 28, 2012

Where: 621 Pennsylvania Ave SE

What: Double Espresso, Breakfast Sandwich

Miles: 2.26 miles

Factoid: Crystal was there, and I was there, and I saw her new bike – but I didn’t see her.  She didn’t see me.  I guess we were doing a pretty good job of incognit-ing ourselves.  The food was good, coffee acceptable as well.  Then I went to Eastern Market and procured many vegetables for later consumption. Pound!


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