Double R, Double N, Double E

The proper way to spell errandonnee is clearly indicated amongst to rules of this years edition of the Chasing Mailboxes spring game/non-competition/encouragement activity. Pronunciation however, is as varied as the eleven categories that a ride may qualify for. I opt for the “air”-“an”-“Don”-“ay” method, which is easily remembered with the following mnemonic strategy: “I put AIR in my bike tires before I head out for AN errand where I may bump into my co-worker DON, who doesn’t often shout AY like the Fonz, but I wish he did”.

Simple right? Well the errandonnee was at least pretty easy to accomplish this year. Take a look:

And of course, the documentation:

roche errandonnee_Page_1roche errandonnee_Page_2

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