A rainy weekend read.

There is nothing stopping me from getting on my bike an riding in the blowing wind and rain. Except for the comfort of home and warm, dry clothes.  Instead of a journey on two wheels, I set off for a journey back in time this weekend – reading local D.C. author Garrett Pecks latest work, “Capital Beer – A heady History of Brewing in Washington, D.C.”.


Filled with interesting facts and stories from before the existence of the District of Columbia, through Prohibition and into the 1950s – this book transports you back to the people and places that are now only memories.  The lush beer gardens in every neighborhood, the immense breweries along the Potomac, and the small family run operations scattered elsewhere. The Heurich Brewing Company even had the experts claiming it to be the finest in the United States!

Washington, D.C. has certainly enjoyed a renaissance of craft beer in the past 4 years, and if that is something you excitedly participate in, then you ought to read this book and gain some historical context. Plus, you have a little soapbox to stand on next time the historic preservation board or neighborhood advisory commissions announce that a favorite watering hole does not fit into the historical context of a neighborhood.

Pecks book can be purchased online here

Heurich Brewery at 26th and D NW.

Heurich Brewery at 26th and D NW.

Alhambra Summer Garden. 410 E St. NE

Alhambra Summer Garden. 410 E St. NE



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