Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race

Finally – after having heard how great this event was for nearly 4 years – I was able to attend the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Baltimore today.  The event has a serious set of rules, but in simple terms, human powered (typically modified/hacked bicycles) vehicles must navigate the streets of Baltimore and obstacles (a water section, a sand section, a mud section).  It is freakin great!  We love Baltimore, honestly we would live there if it wasn’t for my job in Northern Virginia, and this event just makes the city even better.

UPDATE: The results are in, and “The 1%” won!  This sculpture was sponsored by Proteus Bicycles of College Park (who are an awesome shop!).

While there we made sure to adhere to the spectator code of conduct:

  1. Hands, equipped with white gloves should be waved vigorously over head whenever viewing Kinetic Sculptures or when on camera.
  2. Tall Spectators must take care to stand in back row when witnessing Glorious Events. On no account should Spectators throw their bodies in the path of oncoming Sculptures.
  3. Cardboard Grin must be worn at all times when personal misery or state of mind interferes with maintaining a normal happy smile.
  4. Be sure to remove lens cap from camera before serious picture-taking.
  5. Eat a good breakfast for extra stamina for the day’s rigorous events.
  6. Littering, if it fits your character, is OK. However, see Official Spectator Code of Conduct rule #10.
  7. Refrain from pushing or otherwise assisting Sculptures while Race Officials are watching.
  8. Do not tie up Port-a-Potties in order to apply makeup or to eat lunch or to escape inclement weather.
  9. You are a Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Spectator Ambassador to the World. Remember that local, national, and international cameras are on you (your mother is watching). It is your Kinetic Duty to represent our Glorious City with Dignity and Distinction.
  10. At the end of the day, Spectators shall pick up all litter, depositing same in suitable receptacles. Kinetic Sculpture Race Officials, Pilots, Pit Crew, Barnacles, and Spectators are very tidy people. Furthermore, this is the only Glorious City we’ve got to race in. If you are derelict in your Spectator Duties, this Glorious race will be banished from this Glorious Kingdom of Baltimore.

And afterward we got beers and nachos in Canton.  A great day.  We didn’t see @nikki_d, but she was also there!

Here are my photos: